Partner Organizations

Brisa Intercultural

Brisa Intercultural is an intercultural organisation based in Burgos, Spain. We work for a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe. As a non-governmental, politically independent, and non-profit organisation, Brisa is open to every person who wants to volunteer, to organise activities or projects both for our community and for international and to participate in intercultural projects.

Brisa Intercultural organises different events in order to gather young people who can interact through discussion of social issues. Brisa is already applying to the quality label for being a hosting organization for volunteers as well as two youth exchanges. Our volunteers are writing two European Solidarity Corps projects and they are attending many workshops and projects around Europe with different topics of interest for young Europeans, such as workshops on European citizenship, project management, sustainability, equality, NGOs and others. We work with Non-Formal Education methods; team work, motivation and respect are our philosophy. Understanding and exploring the multicultural dimension of the European continent, removing national borders, fighting for tolerance and creating open minded citizens are our main goals.

Kauhajoki 4H association, Finland

Kauhajoki 4H association is a youth organization that supports children and youth growth toward a responsible and enterprising adulthood. We currently have 230 young members aged between 6-28 years. The activities we offer focus on learning by doing. We organize trips, camps, free time activities, youth work life courses and events for children and youth. We also support entrepreneurship and have a program where young people can set up an own 4H business and get guidance in this by 4H enterprise mentors. We employ youth through Work Circle group, where we mediate short job assignments offered by private citizens, municipalities or companies to the young while taking on all the obligations of the employer. We are members of the national Finnish 4H Federation. The Finnish 4H Federation is a national civic organisation and Finland’s leading organization producing activities for adolescents. 4H engages in non-formal education, which focuses on fostering entrepreneurship and preparing young people for working life.