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You Are Star -project where youngsters’ skills and ideas can shine  

The goal of this project is to encourage and support young people in employment and entrepreneurship and organize international youth work activities in the Suupohja region in Western Finland.  

This project provides non-formal learning opportunities aiming to enhance youngsters’ interest and skills in entrepreneurship and overall develop skills and knowledge needed in work life. These activities include non-formal entrepreneurship education, youth group activities and international youth exchange under the theme, “youth entrepreneurship”.

Youngsters’ participation and interests are the core of the project. Youth are given an opportunity to participate in the planning of the activities and courses that are carried out during the project. The active participants in the project will form a peer group that meets regularly to plan project activities, an international youth exchange as well as their own business ideas. This said, the project develops entrepreneurship education and support through peer group activities.

International youth exchange provides a concrete opportunity for young people from rural areas to participate in international activities, widen their horizons and get new ideas which they can adapt in Finland. Meeting youth from different cultures, building an intercultural dialogue and gathering intercultural experiences grow tolerance and mutual respect.

By participating in this project Finnish youngsters get support in a real opportunity for employment. They can employ themselves by founding their own 4H-businesses or by taking part in the Kauhajoki 4H-associations Work Circle group for short-term job assignments. As a result, this project supports youngsters’ employment, participation and self-esteem with a sense of initiative preventing exclusion. You Are Star Project encourages youth to be active and produce ideas, activities, products and services based on their strengths and skills. Working on ideas together will also teach team skills needed in work life.

You Are Star Project:

  • We organize courses about entrepreneurship for youth aged between 14 – 18 years
  • Those who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs can establish their own business or try out their ideas as a pop up -business
  • If a young person already has their own 4H-business, they get to develop their business interests and participate in additional training e.g., regarding marketing
  • We build a peer support group around youth who steer entrepreneur education carried out by the project towards the themes their own interests
  • We conduct 2 youth exchanges in Finland and abroad under the theme “youth entrepreneurship”.
  • We organize business visits in Finland and during the international exchange
  • We organize a pop up-business day in co-operation with the local entrepreneurs. This provides youth an opportunity to realize their ideas and try out their business skills in safe and fun way and also encourages participation from the whole community
  • We share our activities in social media and encourage youngsters to share their experiences utilizing different social media channels as well

Youth exchanges:

  • Motivate youngsters to become involved with entrepreneurship
  • Give youngsters an opportunity to broaden their horizons
  • Youngsters meet other young entrepreneurs
  • Youngsters get to try out their ideas about their businesses
  • Youngsters get encouragement of being entrepreneurs
  • Youngsters get new networks and contacts
  • Strengthen youngsters’ confidence and work life skills

Kauhajoki 4H association

Kauhajoki 4H association is a youth organization that supports children and youth growth toward a responsible and enterprising adulthood. We currently have 230 young members aged between 6-28 years. The activities we offer focus on learning by doing. We organize trips, camps, free time activities, youth work life courses and events for children and youth. We also support entrepreneurship and have a program where young people can set up an own 4H business and get guidance in this by 4H enterprise mentors. We employ youth through Work Circle group, where we mediate short job assignments offered by private citizens, municipalities or companies to the young while taking on all the obligations of the employer. We are members of the national Finnish 4H Federation.

The Finnish 4H

The Finnish 4H Federation is a national civic organisation and Finland’s leading organization producing activities for adolescents. 4H engages in non-formal education, which focuses on fostering entrepreneurship and preparing young people for working life.